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Vietnamese Agricultural products is a project that accompanies farmers, experts, and customers to build a sustainable agricultural and handicraft ecosystem, in order to provide products and gifts handmade by Vietnamese farmers and artists. Healthy, organic, and useful products for the community, environment, and society.

As a part of the ecosystem, we are building, through the products, activities, and projects from Viet Nam Gifts, Second Home. Together, we build a mutual ecosystem that connects the value of agriculture and handicraft.

  • Connecting farmers: Building a network of core farmers, groups, and cooperatives, supporting others by sharing experiences between farmers and craft villages.
  • Connecting domestic and overseas experts: Provide training and advice to improve skills and productivity as well as providing education to raise awareness in using organic products for the benefit of public health.
  • Connecting manufacturers: Allow product diversification, improve the quality and value of agricultural products and crafts gifts.
  • Connecting distribution channels: Ensure a stable output with reasonable costs, helping farmers to be proactive and secure in production.
  • Connecting farms to consumers: Helping farmers meet customers and market requirements, also creates an opportunity for consumers to understand and empathize with the difficulties that farmers face. Increase the value of Vietnamese products from potential areas for agriculture. Supplying agricultural products from regions qualified for Viet Gap, Global Gap standards which are organic, safe, and healthy to reach the goal of creating an ecosystem of agricultural products associated with the Second Home real estate project.
  • Connecting nature and people: The pre-feasibility investigate project “Viet Lotus - the National Flower” builds a spiritual value chain from spiritual culture, indigenous culture, art, interior and exterior decoration to consumer goods, healthcare goods that are made from lotus flowers from abandoned agricultural land. Lotus is the main plant that creates the landscape for Second Home projects and destinations in the tours to craft villages.
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